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“Is the tap #water in #WatkinsGlen safe? Perhaps it is “highly unlikely.” Perhaps the ⁦@UMich⁩ lab somehow erred. P… https://t.co/zF9R4Ijr1Z
14th September, 2019 #WatkinsGlen
HSFB: #WatkinsGlen-OdessaMontour’s Owen Scholtisek darts into the end zone on a 18 yard run. The Senecas lead 19-0… https://t.co/82Pa8uvKQv
14th September, 2019 #WatkinsGlen
Looking to score a job at OSL? You're in luck. Click the link in our bio for the job description and information on… https://t.co/DHHiZ146La
13th September, 2019
At @Rotary #WatkinsGlen lunch District 7120 Governor Dave Hannan recommended Rotarians broadcast the mission to “Un… https://t.co/3XX2uIpUi4
12th September, 2019 #WatkinsGlen
Congratulations to Olivia Coffey from #WatkinsGlen Helping row Team 🇺🇸 women's 8 to 3rd place at the World Rowing… https://t.co/SEbhq65p3r
11th September, 2019 #WatkinsGlen
Seneca Harbor at Watkins Glen All about Seneca Lake: https://t.co/4AXGEYN49X Limited edition prints and gifts:… https://t.co/DUBaZBBxCj
11th September, 2019
1 incredible park 2-mile long Gorge Trail 3 very happy, hiking, Bootmobile drivers 19 waterfalls 200-foot cliffs 4… https://t.co/YtNdmrEA9E
9th September, 2019
Ahh the screwy things you see at a Vintage Grand Prix! 2010 livery on a 2006 GEN 4 body. Still LOVE it though 😍😁… https://t.co/s1g9F9X8gk
9th September, 2019