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save malaysia economy-Holding 1 HAND SMARTPHONE,reading & Texting-A BODOH Malaysian motorist,MLR 4892,deserve 2 die… https://t.co/Lnsc6bfSX5
9th August, 2020
#shanhaimalaysia BODOHland-A BODOH Malaysian guy BLIND,parked WA 6144 K@PJ Jln ss2/55 disabled parking OKU behind b… https://t.co/mnB7pmHDVo
9th August, 2020
Traffic jammed south on I-95 from Allegheny Ave to Girard. According to a #Waze user a motorcycle broke down in the… https://t.co/H73TA7QR2m
8th August, 2020 #Waze
#kltu ELITE: Traffic is at a 5KM crawl from Bdr Saujana Putra - USJ due to the earlier accident at KM12.6… https://t.co/fMH6g8RZO7
8th August, 2020
Announcing our partnership with @waze navigation and @HaveyoumetMaya Lets explore the world together.… https://t.co/QGLf6hpGVz
7th August, 2020
Don't miss today's Expert Opinion where Anasofia Sanchez Juarez, Regional Manager at @WazeMexico, talks about the i… https://t.co/qLy9xO3Kit
7th August, 2020
#kltu MRR2: Wazers report of an accident after the Flamingo hotel - Bukit Antarabangsa, causing up to a 1 hour del… https://t.co/WcpZNaS6jH
7th August, 2020
#kltu JALAN KEM: Wazers report of a stalled vehicle that's causing a delay from Port Klang - Northport #PetronTrafficUpdate #Waze
7th August, 2020 #Waze
#kltu JALAN KUANTAN BYPASS: Petron Ranger Ada reports of a van breakdown near Bukit Rangin which is causing slow mo… https://t.co/LrMhS9Rcke
7th August, 2020