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For those of you who are the primary caregiver of someone suffering with chronic pain this is for you. #WeeklyRecap https://t.co/qWqzwCK2B6
21st March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap
🆕 The latest #WeeklyRecap of new releases is now live on the Blog, a day early!!! Happy reading, my book junkies! https://t.co/x4qSFtnMdY
20th March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap
Did you miss something on the blog last week? Catch up quickly with the #WeeklyRecap! https://t.co/AuGrSnPyjM
19th March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap
There is continued lack of transparency in how the FG handles the petroleum sector. #WeeklyRecap https://t.co/efrqFzwZU6
19th March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap
In 2014, close to 60 million Nigerians each spent an average of ₦3000 a day on sports betting. #WeeklyRecap https://t.co/IRSqDXRDbO
19th March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap
#DYN? The Constitution makes President Buhari the Governor of the F.C.T. & VP Osinbajo, Deputy Governor #WeeklyRecap https://t.co/LjDi9JunoL
19th March, 2017 #WeeklyRecap