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I just live for the week to be over so when it comes to the weekend I can play rugby with my boys😍 #RavensRugby #WeGo #BEEERS 🤙🏽🏉🍻
28th March, 2017
We keep getting better & better! The girls got a 4-1 W today, dominating the game. Teach, develop, & compete. Proud… https://t.co/S5H93LUbYm
27th March, 2017
NEW ITEM ▷▷DISPARK▷▷ :accessory pierce → ¥1,590+tax necklace→ ¥1,990+tax #WEGO #WEGOで春準備 #心斎橋OPA https://t.co/G6GYeoW5n5
27th March, 2017
Check out NEW Wego Spot Bluetooth Wireless Activity Tracker Adjustable Wristband Black #WEGOhttps://t.co/1BgU4IMKJ3
27th March, 2017