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later in the post on #TimelessVehicles, David Donohue explains some of the details that make the #Weissach edition… https://t.co/y9xwQv4IpR
19th September, 2018 #Weissach
Orange you glad it's 9/18? 🧡 Continental Orange 918 Spyder seen at the @000magazine // @ptsrs // @canepamotorsporthttps://t.co/TpZO25wJHi
18th September, 2018
#News 37 / 2018 110062445 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER – 2013 – W/ WEISSACH PACKAGE – MATT BLACK W/ MARTINI STRIPES L.E. 300… https://t.co/NXdU5awpcy
15th September, 2018 #News
@roman_fedyaev thx. sure there are different points of view. I'm more into pure #Porsche, or Tuner that at least re… https://t.co/DG7SIIZ906
14th September, 2018 #Porsche