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I’ll never forget my human sexuality professor Ruth Kershner. She asked the class “which do you find more erotic? D… https://t.co/MkbLXa4K1b
22nd June, 2018
🏈💙💛🎈 Happy 155th birthday to the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia, I can never forget the 5 years I spent.… https://t.co/7NiJV41zyF
20th June, 2018
What a huge day! The end of one chapter the beginning of another. I am so excited for you. You should be proud of a… https://t.co/XfP5eIzvGW
15th June, 2018
#WestVirginia #history: June 14, 1912: #Botanist Betty’ Bartholomew born in Wheeling. Was instrumental in building… https://t.co/OtU93i12t0
14th June, 2018 #WestVirginia
#ThrowbackThursday to when a fan asks you to sign their book for them, thank you for your support @ladyandstar !!!… https://t.co/HYR0uFVQTJ
14th June, 2018
One of my graduate student's arms (and part of our #optics setup) makes a brief appearance in the latest video put… https://t.co/RsnodYGrDs
13th June, 2018