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Shout out to this week’s BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS box recipient: Bridget Lillis ‘19! A four year member of Griffs Row… https://t.co/XOkY7ewFMt
7th February, 2019
I really need to apologize to @wheaties. My whole life I thought these (picture below) were Wheaties. I learned las… https://t.co/ePMTonenwx
7th February, 2019
For some reason it was off our shelves in my neighborhood for some months but it's back now thankfully #Wheaties💪… https://t.co/9FILv8LWRl
6th February, 2019
@jimmykimmel Dad enjoyed ya, he was 94. He also enjoyed politics. Here is our NM Governor showing walls there are… https://t.co/QRg1evnM4k
6th February, 2019
Congratulations to Misa Gamble ‘20 for taking home this week’s BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS box. Not only is she a fantas… https://t.co/ntSSFMj5Am
30th January, 2019
The first #advertising jingle was performed live on WCCO #Minneapolis on December 24, 1926 and went as follows: H… https://t.co/8cE23iI3Y8
30th January, 2019 #Minneapolis