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A little bit of vertical development to a few of those towers in Oklahoma this evening. #Whoa 😳 🤓 https://t.co/n8sno34Xjv
28th May, 2017 #Whoa
These females run all they day errands in they slept in ass pajamas #whoa
28th May, 2017 #whoa
Mom is a lovely, rather demure lady, until you piss her 5 foot 100 lb. self off. #WHOA 🙁😊⚘⚘⚘⚘❤🕊 https://t.co/GzsEg1IluV
28th May, 2017 #WHOA
Netflix just gained my trust back lmao everyone watch "the discovery" #whoa #5stars
27th May, 2017 #whoa
So you're telling me that I can get LBK's best Ice Cream Sandwiches @the SAME PLACE as I can buy the best patio fu… https://t.co/EwdFoWNxsA
27th May, 2017