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The fourth #GIES2018 returns to Dubai to recognize the most creative thinkers that are able to positively transform… https://t.co/d5JJGITADM
19th September, 2018
#WildIdea: how bout men consider it's not their obligation to tell women what to do. Ever. And particularly as it r… https://t.co/WNIaEcJR8t
19th September, 2018
Does your proposal offer a different direction that could be unique and innovative? Share your #WildIdea and have i… https://t.co/BbyxNc1lxC
19th September, 2018
@WSJ What if they did the same kind of study...but for mass shooters? #wildidea
18th September, 2018
Do you have a #WildIdea that will mind blow the audience? #GIES2018 is looking for a unique idea that will emotiona… https://t.co/vGiyrxCSnQ
12th September, 2018
Do you have the wisdom and insights on an a subject that could change the way the audience looks at it? Share it wi… https://t.co/Bn36Wkyg5p
10th September, 2018