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Was legitimately pulling up to the gym when my girl texted me asking to meet her for a drink.. I was there in less than 5 minutes #willpower
17th May, 2018 #willpower
My mini took a hard fall during her LAX game tonight. As she is being helped off the field in tears...she says I n… https://t.co/3kJUicGgt2
17th May, 2018
When all you wanna do is talk to that one person🙄 #willpower
17th May, 2018 #willpower
#WillPower is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.
17th May, 2018 #WillPower
Go forth, create magic and if you are lucky some of it may be captured for others to enjoy! #willpower https://t.co/A5uwnqa5ks
16th May, 2018 #willpower