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BMW has got shot of the 520d ED, the M3 and is limiting production of plug-in hybrids and X1, X5 and X6 models – al… https://t.co/UFXGQYlqpD
8th March, 2018
What are the benefits of the new #WLTP test for cars? 11 major benefits of WLTP in one clear infographic | Discover… https://t.co/rbYRjp6Lim
8th March, 2018 #WLTP
Fleets are yet to recognise the implications of the new fuel consumption and emissions tests, leasing giant Arval h… https://t.co/Pa36a52DU5
7th March, 2018
#WLTP is a more rigorous and longer lab test for cars than the old #NEDC test, better reflecting today’s situation… https://t.co/gVzJWBR0bl
6th March, 2018 #WLTP, #NEDC
BMW has axed the 520d ED, M3 and cut production of several other models due to impending #WLTP regulations. Major U… https://t.co/Hy064JbETr
5th March, 2018 #WLTP