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#woot > have (and play) your favorite recording on you at all times https://t.co/FZ1wCoU9Ft via @hellogiggles
10th May, 2017 #woot
Day 3 in full swing. 1st 1-on-1 completed and looking forward to hosting the round-table in a few hours! #WOOT #GartnerIOM
10th May, 2017 #WOOT
@RuaidhriOC was convinced it was going to be 07 again with France and Argies!! #woot
10th May, 2017 #woot
I just found out the girl I've been working beside for the last six months strips on the weekend! #woot https://t.co/7ONdeUxlDD
10th May, 2017 #woot