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@hynes_j Jason. Add #worldchallenge and it gets tags and fed into the WC website/ twitter feed. Red, hot and dusty. Just how I remembered it
19th June, 2017 #worldchallenge
Group 1 off 10 drive to project. Group exploring market before our departure. #Marrakech #worldchallenge
18th June, 2017 #worldchallenge
I listened to this sermon when I was going through a rough time. I was really blessed and heard God speak to me. Th…
17th June, 2017
#worldchallenge 2017 AHS excite, explore, educate. Have a great Morocco expedition
16th June, 2017 #worldchallenge
Fantastic year 9 & 10 launch assembly today for our expedition to 🇲🇾 Malaysia in 2019. #worldchallenge #mdtc
16th June, 2017 #worldchallenge
Last but not least. Group 1 #worldchallenge "Oh, hear the call!--Good hunting, all"
12th June, 2017 #worldchallenge