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@sallymcmanus IPA are tame classical liberals, what you people presented yourselves as 20 years ago. The whole worl… https://t.co/FnjOEoubWZ
20th January, 2019
Late night early morning sexual $hi* fuckn sucka been like dis too gon' be dat way forever my bae ain't ready neva… https://t.co/YhzEKh1PoC
18th January, 2019
Gonna finish cleaning these guys up and prime them, the possibly work on the 100 follower give away mini! Going liv… https://t.co/hzS7acTkDA
18th January, 2019
@kgthatboy I also spelled it incorrectly- can we redo this exchange? It makes me look... messy... and that’s not me… https://t.co/IAEpEgQxwj
17th January, 2019