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Hormonal me *googles 'ugly dogs'* *cries* 'they're just so beautiful why can't they see it' #wrecked
18th September, 2017 #wrecked
@KTunnski He be trollin but for reals they took out gamepad features when it switched to the Switch being main plat… https://t.co/HVAEcVOtSP
18th September, 2017
People: college should be easy for you after university! People who have done my program: that was the hardest 8 months of my life #wrecked
18th September, 2017 #wrecked
rappers get son'd harder then uncle yayo trying to start up his home for imaginary fathers @Bok_Choy_Po_Boy #wrecked https://t.co/RPIYIyqcmN
18th September, 2017 #wrecked
just took my first geography test and got #wrecked
18th September, 2017 #wrecked
Spelling it "Bwrecksit" from now on because the English language makes as much sense as the English government #brexit #wrecked
18th September, 2017 #brexit, #wrecked