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i think i've created a monster 😂 bad luck to all the The new Mercedes-AMG driver's and the look on your wifes face… https://t.co/i9b8ynxmFG
22nd October, 2018
🏆🥇🏎 Just me & my boy david_3dwards out here at @subiefest_2014 doing our usual flexing. 💪🏻 I love the subie communi… https://t.co/Bnp2ir7w8d
22nd October, 2018
If you see me going 120 on the highway dont double take. It's me. I just got my #wrx #subaru #Anchorage
21st October, 2018 #wrx, #subaru, #Anchorage
The winter season was so much fun, but now that it's spring, I am also enjoying all the beautiful colors of the gam… https://t.co/nJaLn0qZtH
21st October, 2018