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James McAvoy remains uncertain how successfully #XMen can be folded into MCU https://t.co/PApiY7aLeq https://t.co/ukyoLXaWyJ
16th January, 2019 #XMen
I can't figure out why I'm seeing #DarkPhoenix on so many most anticipated lists after how incredibly terrible Apoc… https://t.co/4fKzSh6UQD
16th January, 2019
@Marvel You finally finish up the #Xmen character. The zone which I have still missing.
16th January, 2019 #Xmen
There are rumors Marvel is already planning #XMen TV shows for Disney+, but they CAN'T start developing until the F… https://t.co/6KzLFJZjFU
16th January, 2019 #XMen