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Day 21 of 1000 hrs in 2018: Not much today, only .25 hrs with @Clovesdot. Looking forward to a new album or EP. Ho… https://t.co/PqE5qR0F2e
22nd January, 2018
If you fuck with me and my tweets then fuck with my team and I’s music. #GXIII #HeartlessNobodiez #Heartlesshttps://t.co/UmlNDh0FfA
21st January, 2018
@omenxiii So Proud 😭 You will be extremely big and you deserve it. #_Blnk #XIII
19th January, 2018 #XIII
Just watched some clips of @WiganWarriorsRL in the 90's. Robinson at 2, Offiah at 5. What a pair to have on the wings! #XIII
15th January, 2018 #XIII