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Don't you dare try to convince me, these two are not the most precious and beautiful people. They deserve only the… https://t.co/ggOfcPpo0k
10th December, 2018
Some nations share distinctive features which allow them to "separate"/differ from others. But we did it by allow… https://t.co/gfiRAernOF
9th December, 2018
Twitter people out here wondering how can they watermark their tweets, desperate to keep their words authorized. lol #XXI
9th December, 2018 #XXI
@Stortinget 🙏 🇳🇴 is about to legislate the double citizenship as #XXI state, whereas 🇱🇹 is @LRSeimas still stuck f… https://t.co/CY3hBhSiIm
9th December, 2018 #XXI
So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on @Poshmarkapp from @terrieahmed #poshmark #fashionhttps://t.co/FYtjqFqqeV
9th December, 2018
Dj in the mix. Rappers Iggy Glxck x JROB performing. Free shots for ladies. Jungle juice & Beer pong. Camera crew p… https://t.co/UgTxU08EpI
9th December, 2018
20181208 #10 22.57 WIB Play Hard and harder.... still saturday night. Hahahaha Next: Mortal Engine #MortalEngineshttps://t.co/wT48gWKnEp
8th December, 2018
Kisela zelka my man, i'd give millions for a barrel right now. #cabbagespecial #XXI
8th December, 2018 #XXI