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Lol now it seems like Kanye's move is to explain his own flaws and how and why he got trapped in this present situ… https://t.co/j1G7zSLKmq
2nd May, 2018
⚡️ “#YO #BRO THIS Taint NO Folgers THis Aint no Fooling Around!!” by @mattshaq_guru #merchandisehttps://t.co/HE2JK57FXR
2nd May, 2018 #YO
I bought too much fabrics today who are way too expensive for my budget but they are my babies now so no critics ac… https://t.co/5KkDT24si3
2nd May, 2018
all im saying is if i get sick or in a car accident from my sleep deprevition im coming for rancho. dont worry, ill… https://t.co/6HZBoJrQMI
2nd May, 2018
Thanks for the throwback this morning, @1011thebeat - @chrisbrown #Yo *yoo0oOOoo*
2nd May, 2018 #Yo