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@RyanHaarer @FBI @DenverPolice I dont wanna hear about officers doing this or that. Most are shit humans anyway. Th… https://t.co/akIIdRKsz2
3rd June, 2018
@CNN That's either a big ass envelope. Or @realdonaldtrump hands are SUUUUPER FUCKING SMALL! HIS HANDS MUST BE SOOO… https://t.co/rSWdA7PiFU
2nd June, 2018
"We support politicians who make reckless foreign policy decisions because that means the END TIMES are here! Also,… https://t.co/xJPsnx97Rb
2nd June, 2018
@CNN Pretty sure everything that RWNJs say is done in another country. The only thing that is different is the guns… https://t.co/mAeRAyL79C
30th May, 2018