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After a crazy weekend, finally getting to season 2 of queer eye! #yas #werk https://t.co/XLepjZji41
18th June, 2018 #yas
My dad & I driving around looking at the local businesses and cars on the street w Mexico’s flag out like #yas
18th June, 2018 #yas
Open email from @ASOS so happy to see a women who is cut from the same cloth as me. Actually made me smile a lot!… https://t.co/GsE7T2hRnx
18th June, 2018
#yas #BeProud "Photographer highlights the experience of living with a skin condition" https://t.co/jXKCMZ2cZD
18th June, 2018 #yas
Lmao that awkward moment when your church congregation,parents, exes, friends etc heard you say “my vagina feels li… https://t.co/OE5sDhQWEN
17th June, 2018
me last night: i haven't gone out in so long, a night out is going to be such a great thing for me #yas #drinksonmehttps://t.co/ZCz6mdpv23
17th June, 2018 #yas