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YEP! Gloat baby Gloat!! YOU DESERVE IT. AFter all YOU WON!! by 2.8 MILLION VOTES . #YOY https://t.co/zbxBdiLVuP
23rd February, 2017 #YOY
Congrats Jayla on making it as a finalist in the state #YOY competition! We are proud of you! https://t.co/Ko3unAUB2m
22nd February, 2017 #YOY
Who's going to b the next Youth of the Year? Tonight our winner will be revealed. 6pm @BallantraeGC #YOY https://t.co/z133yxTymh
22nd February, 2017 #YOY
Being recognized by the @lawrenceks City Commission is always an honor for us... and that's one powerful crowd for… https://t.co/nxbHJhNd1U
22nd February, 2017
In 2 weeks Evelyn competes for the state #YOY title. She practiced her speech today at Hutchinson Rotary. https://t.co/1bcQxu8UNT
20th February, 2017 #YOY