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Incredible piece on when “our lived historical experience of a revolution becomes only a cultural artefact”… https://t.co/lcSW19MZL9
30th November, 2016
@M_Weatherly he survived so many US presidents - but this one was just too much! Loving the First lady thou...I used to drive a #yugo.
28th November, 2016 #yugo
@M_Weatherly When I filled my #yugo w illegals & we drove around to different polling stations casting votes I hoped to make Fidel proud.
28th November, 2016 #yugo
@M_Weatherly I still drive mine to work everyday, built like a russian tank #yugo https://t.co/G1rwwt43Lq
28th November, 2016 #yugo
Fidel Castro. I wonder how he felt about the US election. After all, a first First Lady from a communist country! America! #yugo
28th November, 2016 #yugo
Help my baby is a #Yugo junkie. 1 year old and she's addicted to #Plazma and #Smoki.
26th November, 2016 #Yugo