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@Think_Blue_Sky @unojen_wood @senilesid It's only hypocrisy if they didn't also poison the Skripals. The truth may… https://t.co/IIirMqHWf9
19th March, 2018
#Croatia 'alt-right': A dangerous group on the margins; A 28-year-old with long history of neo-fascist activism cla… https://t.co/ep3RTrPOfo
19th March, 2018 #Croatia
Nato is not the 'system of defence' it claims to be it is an aggressive military force that has bombed & invaded,… https://t.co/ne8P7Uo8Z2
19th March, 2018
1970s UNIS tbm de Luxe #Typewriter. #Yugoslavia #Manual Typewriter. QWERTZ Keyboard. Portable Working Typewriter. R… https://t.co/326N4N357c
19th March, 2018 #Yugoslavia
Interesting to read that the leader of the escaped P.O.W.s loved watching Hogan's Heroes because of its resemblance… https://t.co/j0jwDc4j9v
19th March, 2018
Currently watching Behind Enemy Lines and it only increases my belief that Serbs DID commit genocide at #Serbrenicahttps://t.co/lx4k9ZSIlR
19th March, 2018