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I don't accept YOU! Macedonia and Kosovo aren't yours! Yugoslavia only recognized the serbian race. #yugoslaviahttps://t.co/pUzpPQPtXY
28th May, 2018 #yugoslavia
This is a Virelov Goblen (Needlepoint) made by my grandmother, Milica Bura, who passed away recently. Underneath is… https://t.co/NFivy0vQmc
28th May, 2018
@DrMarcusP As a bunch of smaller states, they wud always be under influence of bigger ones- may become a few small… https://t.co/6yGoqYyPW4
27th May, 2018
@JacobAWohl @realDonaldTrump Shh Liberal Fck Wits And Useful Idiots Fail To See This I Swear .. It Is Right In Fro… https://t.co/pWc0GGkrQK
27th May, 2018
*Fake Democracy:The CIA and their NGOs Target China and Yugoslavia in the 1990s https://t.co/lQ3Brm6beHhttps://t.co/njJO5OsVDp
26th May, 2018
@LinkedInHelp : Do you know that #Yugoslavia doesn`t exist from more then 26 years? Just asking... https://t.co/B6XMPPNJlk
26th May, 2018 #Yugoslavia
My great-grandfather, Lieutenant Djordje Stefanovic, the pilot of Royal Yugoslav Army Air Force. He died on April 8… https://t.co/JiyNNcgzTD
26th May, 2018