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According to Studio 360: "Gym shoes" are used only in Chicago & Cincinnati. As a NW-Chicagoland-ite: #yup.
20th November, 2016 #yup
@JuanFonda #Yup... It definitely looked like we came out intimidated! Those TO's killed. Instead of SCORING, it ended up being pts. for OU!
20th November, 2016 #Yup
#yup With my real family by my side after 7 years 11 month's and 20 days without them that would be very nice.>>> https://t.co/kKMBiKpCJD
20th November, 2016 #yup
Car fire at 2am and once we cleaned up 4am house fire. It's 8:30am and we're just about done with cleanup.… https://t.co/DLApb3ehjl
20th November, 2016