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Car trouble? #zipcar to the rescue! Driving around in this Honda CR-V all day has me thinking…
17th March, 2017 #zipcar
@Dank The service from #ZipCar has become unreliable Don't encourage City to expand relationship Off Shore CustServ & can't call localOffice
17th March, 2017
Business Majors: @rmchase, the founder of #ZipCar is an OSU Alumna! She just spoke @OregonState about her journey.
17th March, 2017
Need a car for spring break? Why not rent a ZipCar located right on campus. Includes insurance/gas!!…
16th March, 2017
My #Zipcar Had a Vial of Coke in It: The automated helpline did not include: 'If you have found some……
16th March, 2017 #Zipcar