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@Zipcar I have not gotten a response and it has been about 3 days. This is terrible customer service. Can you pleas…
25th September, 2018
Ten more followers before we give away a @Zipcar membership! We are ready for follower #400 ! To win, you have to b…
24th September, 2018
if you live in london NEVER #rent from #europcar not only is it highly inconvenient with long queues and poor custo…
24th September, 2018
Grup’s getting ready for a fun day at Walter Saunders! See you anytime between 2-5pm today! @artsinparksTO
23rd September, 2018
Extremely pissed that my fiance is changing the tire on a #zipcar so f-n close to the interstate! #pissed
23rd September, 2018 #zipcar
Stuck on the side of the road at 1236am with #zipcar that has a flat tire. What's the point of a help line when the…
23rd September, 2018 #zipcar
#zipcar on hold 30 min with Zipcar! Broken down on turnpike. Help Zipcar!
22nd September, 2018 #zipcar
Huge disappointment from Zipcar services! After confirming the reservation the vehicle is not available for pickup!…
21st September, 2018
The dog clearly also wasn’t happy with this filthy #zipcar and took some bites. Also scratch marks. Slobber. This i…
21st September, 2018 #zipcar