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Amazon in talks to buy autonomous vehicle startup Zoox. #AutonomousVehicles may get recalibrated as automated deliv… https://t.co/FQIat2SgIy
2nd June, 2020
#Amazon reportedly in talks to buy self-driving car startup #Zoox - Business Insider https://t.co/TqySArvrzh
2nd June, 2020 #Amazon
Amazon Could Take On Uber and Lyft With a Zoox Acquisition https://t.co/CyC8ZPsoS3 via @Barronsonline #ZOOX $AMZN
31st May, 2020
First mile. Last-mile. With Supply4.0 in the middle. Flying warehouses. Self-driving cars. Retail4.0 the Amazon way… https://t.co/zj6ajizyu7
31st May, 2020
Tempered expectations in self driving go-live date might have less to do with the pandemic, and more with gargantua… https://t.co/s5Zha15Z71
31st May, 2020