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Ruto and Kaa One more commission… Full body Lineart $ 5.00 USD Full body Color Flat $ 5.50 USD Full body Color Sh… https://t.co/Bj4mL2AAEG
19th September, 2019
FINALLY get to be a player again tonight in the return of @rjrflocas amazing Zelda campaign. I love my Zora bb 😍 .… https://t.co/nEm7cT8d0z
19th September, 2019
Excerpt from @rvmagee's new book, being release this week. Of possible interest https://t.co/lw2aD2LG2ihttps://t.co/fl0I9wSbOe
18th September, 2019
More from my Zelda phase in junior high. Link character design based odd modeling from Super Smash Melee on GameCub… https://t.co/hxjJi8FsZn
18th September, 2019
i saw #zora trending I thought thus was some #zelda shit i was all happy. #rupees #Triforce
18th September, 2019 #zora
That's SO GOOD FOR #Zora's hot ass.. He have a girlfriend sis. 😂🤣 CAN'T HAVE EVERYBODY. #Greenleaf #GreenleafOWN https://t.co/7gLLnsE4MH
18th September, 2019 #Zora
Four-a more-a until Link and a Zora! The countdown continues with art by our amazing Ranger @StardustCindyhttps://t.co/KDO33k25nD
17th September, 2019