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I didn’t know the Black anthem and so I don’t have any history with it. But I learned something else new today. I k… https://t.co/lg1pCYuD3b
3rd July, 2020
I'll finish her eventually >A>; This is Sunny, one of my Zora OCs! WIP But she's an apothecary and works closely wi… https://t.co/qS5tqoZaYb
3rd July, 2020
K. Mustafa, "Octopus affiliations", https://t.co/YatXgsGaDG - well, exaggerating the negligible. In @UZH_en #ZORA r… https://t.co/g6ah8Ynw4D
2nd July, 2020 #ZORA
#harrisonford"<sigh> that's better.." #deckard"give me a zoom in shot of your 40 40 40 06 and #enhance.. show me #zora~"
1st July, 2020 #zora
Haven't drawn a whole lot of anthro characters, figured Mipha might be a decent start. I used a piece made by… https://t.co/v6bloPranL
1st July, 2020