Honda Australia recalls MDX SUV again for airbag electronics fault

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The large Honda MDX has been recalled in Australia this week to address an electronics fault that could cause airbags to deploy unexpectedly. Affecting 1598 models in the 2003 MDX range, the fault centres on an issue with the SRS airbag electronic control units, producing excessive electrical noise, which can disrupt the system’s proper operation. Vehicles listed in the recall carry a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the range 2HKYD18633H300001 to 2HKYD186X3H301601. For owners, this news marks the second time those exact vehicles have been recalled, with an identical announcement made for the same VIN range in 2013. It is unclear at this stage if the initial repairs have been found to be unsuccessful, or if it is simply that a significant enough number of owners were not reached and remain unaware of the issue. CarAdvice has contacted Honda Australia for confirmation, and we will update this article when information becomes available. Honda has confirmed that a letter will be sent to affected owners. Owners are advised to contact their authorised dealership for rectification.