Honda Civic Type R taken to the Tokyo Auto Salon by Mugen

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JDM-spec fans know well the resume of the Japanese tuner and as such when the specialist takes the latest and greatest Honda Civic Type R out for a spin the result is certainly noteworthy.

The show that took place over the weekend featured an assortment of customized rides – it functions as the equivalent of the SEMA show taking place in the United States – and naturally the Civic Type R is one of the assets of the Japanese event. Top aftermarket player Mugen has decided that for this year’s edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon the hot hatch needed an even more aggressive designer’s body kit to show off its credentials. Starting from the front end, we noticed a custom bumper with a larger splitter that was painted black to make a thoughtful contrast with the rest of the body painted in white satin. There are other black amenities – bigger side sills, elements on the front bumper and that massive but lighter new rear wing.

The changes made by Mugen so far are unfortunately only at the visual level – with the rest of the innards remaining the same as in the standard version. And if Mugen’s offering is not enough, we also spotted one coming from Modulo that comes with a more toned down styling employing a different body kit with flared side skirts, a new fuel filler cap, and some red trimming. By the way, if you’re already gearing up to head up to the bank for the cash needed for the Type R, you should take a break as the model has only been presented so far and sales aren’t scheduled for this year.