Honda recalls cars in Japan over other airbag failures, not linked to Takata

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Honda said that an incident triggered by a non-Takata airbag prompted the automaker to issue a safety campaign in its homeland.

The safety crisis triggered by Takata’s faulty airbags deeply affected many automakers, with Honda being hit harder than others. However, the latest incident is not linked to the supplier that forced tens of millions cars to be recalled, but to another major supplier. Honda is now forced to issue another safety campaign after an airbag made by Daicel did not deploy during a recent crash. A company’s spokeswoman said the propellant used in the air bag inflators was not suitable and had “inappropriate velocity”. The latest action affects around 143,000 vehicles in Japan, which have Daicel inflators fitted into airbag modules made by Nihon Plast, and are not used as replacements for Takata, the spokeswoman said. After the incident, the supplier stopped making those type of inflators, according to a Daicel representative.

The new recall follows a tragic incident that happened because of Takata’s defective inflators, as a 17-year-old driver of a recalled 2002 Honda Civic was killed last month during a crash which made the airbags rupture, the 10th US death linked to the deadly issue. The faulty inflators affected so far approximately 23 million vehicles and fourteen automakers in the United States, while more than 29 million airbags are part of the related recall. Honda decided last year not to buy Takata airbags anymore, and to go instead to other suppliers such as Autoliv, TRW Automotive and Daicel Corp.