How about a Fiat Tipo hatchback?

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Well, it’s totally doable, so why not, especially since it may be replacing the Punto. The brand new Fiat Tipo has made its online debut a few days back, after the Italian based automaker has released the first details. This will be nothing more than a renamed Fiat Aegea and it will be called like this in markets across the Old Continent, in the Middle East and in Africa as well, while in Turkey, this will continue to be called the Aegea. But what would you say to a hatchback version of the car? Well, it obviously looks good in this first rendering, bringing a rear end close to the one of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, so you can call it just about anything but ugly. However, keep in mind that this will have nothing in common with the A-Class, which is a premium hatchback, and, since it is currently nothing more than a rendering, chances are its final production version, if it will indeed happen, will be getting a different design for the rear end. With the new Fiat Tipo being aimed against models such as the Dacia Logan, amongst others, chances are a Tipo hatchback will be competing against the Sandero and, if it will look this good, chances are it will become a best-seller in no time. The Tipo will be coming with two MultiJet II turbodiesel engines, along with two petrol burners, producing between 95 HP and 120 HP. Manual and automatic transmissions will be offered to the range. Via RMCarDesign