How does it sound 750 PS on an “old” Audi TT RS?

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Crazy, for sure. And loud as well. The tuners from HPerformance took their previous TT RS project and gave it a serious boost. More power is always the answer. You should ask every petrol head, if you are not a believer of this approach. The German from HPerformance have played a bit with the previous generation of the Audi TT RS a couple of months back. You would not say about a standard TT RS that is slow, but the tuners wanted a little boost in performances. They took the basic 2.5-litre turbo five cylinder that already had 340 PS, or 360 PS for the TT RS plus, and gave it a treatment that led to 510 PS and 690 Nm. Maybe they look back, not being fully pleased with the output, as HPerformance decided to bring even more power to the TT RS. The new performance kit applied to the model takes the 2.5-litre turbo five cylinder to an incredible 750 PS. And along with the “small” increase in power comes accordingly a massive upgrade in torque. So, from the not so standard 690 Nm, now the Audi TT RS has 880 Nm for it to wrinkle the asphalt. If you feel the urge to take this package from HPerformance, you should know that a 50,000-euro tag comes along with it. For that price, you also get a tuned GTX-35 turbocharger and a Clubsport exhaust system with 90 mm tips, and some braking force to cope with all the power. Therefore, the Germans fitted the TT RS with ceramic brakes lifted from the R8 supercar model. What comes next? We will surely find soon. Via wcf