Hyundai’s upcoming hybrid reportedly named Ioniq

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The South Korean automaker aims to compete with the highly successful Japanese automaker Toyota in the field of hybrid and electric cars in a bid to reach prominence as a green car producer. According to the latest report, among the environmentally friendly models the company will also release a model designed specifically to compete with the iconic Toyota Prius. And the rumor has the brand taking over the name from a 2012 concept car – Ioniq – as reported by AutoGuide and Green Car Reports. The claims come from discussions with persons close to the proceeds and the media rumors put the name already registered as of June this year with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It appears the following month the world’s fifth largest automaker – when taken with its affiliate Kia Motors – also applied for intellectual property protection in Europe, Malta, the U.K., and Canada besides their home office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. “While there has been a press report that the name Ioniq will be used for Hyundai’s line of dedicated hybrid vehicles that has not been confirmed by the company. Timing of when the vehicles go on sale in the U.S. has not been discussed by Hyundai at this time,” commented on the matter a spokesperson for the company. This doesn’t necessarily dispel the possibility for the Ioniq name, but it appears we need to wait and see how the carmaker proceeds in the near future. Meanwhile, we can say how they might have come up with the name – which acts as a reinterpretation of the moniker used for the i-Oniq extended-range electric-car concept from 2012. Via Green Car Reports