I love foreign languages that nail the idea, without being translated: "Veel schade door dronken bestuurder"

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Google translate says:A drunk driver has caused a lot of damage on Sunday morning in an accident in the Rest Street in Tielt.But "door dronken bestuurder" ... yup The Drunken Bastard is what I figured out on my own... made me laugh. Not at a drunk, or the damage the bastard caused, but the launguage similar enough to English/American that I knew what they meant.http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/blhsm_01901445"He probably lost control over the wheel," says Luc Liboton commissioner of police Hageland. "He drove first against a fence. Then he crashed into an electricity pole, which fell on two cars. Also two boxes and two mailboxes were hit. Finally, the car crashed against a house. "The house was fortunately not too much damage. The driver was miraculously unharmed from the car. "He was quite drunk. His license is revoked for fifteen days, "said Liboton.