Interbrand – Toyota once more the most valuable auto brand in the world

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According to the annual report from Interband on the value of global brands, Japan’s Toyota remains the most valuable as far as the automotive industry is concerned – finishing sixth overall, two positions higher than in 2014. Japan’s Toyota, for years also the world’s largest automaker in terms of sales (they lost the crown after the first six months of the year to Germany’s Volkswagen) has finished in the sixth position this year after placing eighth in 2014. The Japanese were preceded by Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IBM and has lead the surge for some automotive brands that markedly improved their results compared to last year. Nissan was the top growing auto brand in this respect, with the brand value jumping 19 percent to a new total of more than 9 billion dollars, also surging from the 56th overall position to the 49th in the survey’s results for 2015. For Toyota this was the fourth consecutive year of placing among the top ten brand of the world regardless of industry – its brand value surging 16 percent from 2014 to a little over 49 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the German automotive giant Volkswagen AG has taken a step back from the placement seen last year, dropping nine percent to 12.5 billion dollars and now placing 35th among global brands. Good news come from the BMW brand surging nine percent to 37.21 billion dollars and placing behind Toyota in terms of the automotive industry but only finishing 11th overall. Mercedes-Benz is as ever the closest contender, coming with a seven percent improvement to place 12th overall. The Honda brand, which is counted not just for its automobiles but also for motorcycles, outboard motors and various power tools, comes fourth among auto brands, placing 19th on the overall leader board.