Interesting conversational debate... which country has been the greatest automobile producer? the London Classic Car Show held a poll to find out what voters thought, and didn't tell anyone outside England

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Comparing ten truly iconic cars to represent the 6 historically major car making countries: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA and the UK1st placeGreat Britain / England  was represented by the 1922 Rolls Royce Ghost, a 1925 Bentley 3-Litre, a 1935 Austin 7, a 1948 Land Rover Series 1, a 1964 Mini Cooper S, a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, a 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1, a 1970 Lotus 49, a 1976 Lotus Esprit, and a 1993 McLaren F1 GTRMaybe Great Britain WAS the greatest car making country at one time, but now all of their marques are owned by foreign-based companies. Jaguar/Land Rover is owned by India-based Tata Motors, Mini/Rolls Royce by BMW, and Bentley by Volkswagen.

Italy took 2nd place1932 Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder, 1955 Lancia Aurelia Spyder, 1964 Fiat D500, 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS, 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto, 1968 Lamborghini Muira P400, 1977 Lamboghini Countach LP400. 1980 Maserati Khamsin, 1991 Ferrari F40, 1994 Lancia Integrale Evo II

The USA was in 3rd placeand represented by a 1915 Ford Model T, a 1942 Willys MB Jeep, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1959 Cadillac DeVille, a 1965 Shelby G.T. 350, a 1967 Ford GT40, a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, a 1968 Dodge Charger, and a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette, the United States finished third in the competition

Germany was in 4th1937 BMW 327, 1955 Mercedes Benz 300S Coupe, 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL. 1956 Volkswagen Beetle, 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster, 1973 BMW CSL, 1977 VW Golf GTI MK1, 1978 BMW M1, 1979 Porsche 911 turbo, 1985 Audi Sport Quatro S1 E2,France was represented by the 1931 Bugatti type 46, 1933 Hispano Suiza J16, 1946 Delahaye 135M Graber, 1952 235MS Chapron Coupe, 1970 Alpine A110, 1971 Matra MS120,  1973 Citroen DS, 1980 Renault R5 Turbo, 1984 Peugeot 205 T16, 1990 2CV Charleston,Japan in 6thNext time they need to do a relay race; six countries, six pits, ten cars per country at ten laps per car