It's rare that a car gets an engine transplanted from an older car to make it faster... it's also rare that anyone has an 'Cuda, or a 426 Max Wedge. Now, add the rare factor of owning that same car for 43 years

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You simply do not hear of Ford and General Motors guys swapping in a motor that’s 10 years older than their car. Why? Because they don’t have anything in the arsenal that can hold a candle to the mighty Max Wedge. Ever heard of a guy putting a 409 in a Camaro and making it faster than it was stock? Exactly.This started life as a 383 4 spd 'Cuda, and upgrading to a 426 Max Wedge was a no brainer when the Pro Street craze came along. Along with a stout 727 and a 4 thou converter, the change over was thorough, from blah to beast, and a narrowed Dana 60 was added for dependability. Tubs and rollcage complete the raceability, and it's been high 10s in the quarter mile for 3 decades