Jaguar Land Rover forecasting breakthrough growth in North America

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British automaker Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India’s Tata Motors, has recently announced it sees deliveries of vehicles in North America jumping at least 14 percent this year.

The sales increase would be faster than it was during the months that have already passed, according to the luxury group’s chief executive. Under the Indian Tata Group since 2008, Jaguar Land Rover until now was pushing hard its sales in China, but as the growth there collapsed by 29 percent the negative effect has been mitigated by the strong performance in the United States and Canada. According to Joe Eberhardt, the delivery pace on the North American continent is expected to speed up during the final months of the year. “We will, with the improved supply, I think beat that number over the next couple of months,” commented the CEO during an interview on the sidelines of the 2015 IAA Frankfurt motor show.

During the automotive event the Jaguar brand moved to introduce its first ever crossover model, the F-Pace sports utility vehicle, which is expected to influence the current balance sheet which has been in favor of the off-road Land Rover brand so far. Autodata Corp. figures put Jaguar deliveries down 4.4 percent in the United States after the first eight months of the year, while the Land Rover brand has jumped 20.5 percent during the same period. The latter traditionally makes up around 80 percent of the group sales in the United States. The automaker is also undergoing through a major product expansion strategy, which means the group would not take out of the question a possible, future production site in the United States as well.

Via Reuters