Jaguar plans to entry in Formula E

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Sky News has recently reported that Jaguar is to announce this week its return to motorsport by debuting in the all-electric championship. It is also a statement of company’s future plans to build a fully electric car. Jaguar wants to make a comeback into to the world of motorsport by debuting in the electric Formula E, reports coming from Sky News suggest. The company is believed to be formally announcing its participation during this week. The last brand’s involvement into racing was between 2000 and 2004, when Jaguar Racing competed in the Formula One World Championship. It was formed from the purchase by Ford of Jackie Stewart’s Stewart Grand Prix Formula One team in June 1999. Ford renamed the team Jaguar Racing as part of its global marketing operations to promote their Jaguar premium car company. Despite this branding, they continued to use Cosworth engines in the cars and no Jaguar engineering was involved and, eventually, the lack of results forced the Team to retire. However, entering Formula E would require the brand to take one of the slots currently occupied by an existing entry, as the championship does not plan to expand beyond 10 teams. A presence into Formula E will definitely mean a clear statement of company’s future plans to build a fully electric car and an announcement in this direction is also expected to be made soon. The involvement in such a championship will provide Jaguar a perfect opportunity to develop new electric technology for its future road cars. “It offers live testing for electrification technologies in areas such as batteries and drive-trains: that’s why it looks valuable to them,” an insider told Sky. Some recent rumours already indicate that after pulling the wraps off its first ever SUV, the F-Pace, earlier this year, the British based brand is looking to offer an all-electric version of the vehicle as well. According to a recent report published by Automobile Magazine, the vehicle will be called the E-Pace and it will get ultra-efficient aerodynamics to drop its drag coefficient. Via Autocar