Jaguar reveals the flagship XJ will have a successor

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Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design boss has recently revealed the range-topping XJ model will have a replacement – while the automaker is also exploring the idea of introducing new model lines to the range.

He explained the new XJ is on the company’s agenda while the introduction of additional model lines – instead of the usual bodystyle declination of existing models – is currently hampered by a major issue: “the reality is a capacity issue. It’s the biggest restraint,” according to the executive. He went on to say “JLR doesn’t want to be BMW or Audi in size,… we don’t have aspirations for more than a million a year between us. You can lose prestige.” So, according to Callum the company’s overall yearly deliveries would reach the current production full capacity across its existing three UK plants as the Jaguar XE and F-Pace are being ramped up. Growing the model line base would then need to expect the arrival of the new factory in Slovakia in 2018.

The top manager also added the brand is “continuously talking about a smaller Jaguar” though there was “nothing planned” for a production model for the moment – and he also dismissed the rumors of a return of the XK model. Callum dismissed the idea of multiple bodystyles as a way to expand the range and he also added the upcoming XJ would most likely stick to its stylish take on the large luxury sedan and not give into calls for increased practicality.