Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer by Paolo Gucci going under the hammer

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This is not your standard Ford Focus Estate family wagon – especially since there are so numerous sonorous names attached to this quirky shooting brake.

While it was fabricated for 21 years, no less than 115,413 XJS units were manufactured by Jaguar – with the model completely different from the E-Type it replaced or the XK8 that came after it. And within this marvel series, there’s a hidden gem – the Lynx Eventer by Paolo Gucci. Lynx Engineering is a company well known by XJS enthusiasts, as it created a shooting brake version of the XJS. It was coachbuilt and named the XJS Lynx Eventer – and it was a good £55,000 more than a regular XJS. This is why the series is very small – just 67 examples were ever completed. And then came the Lynx Eventer by Paolo Gucci, which is a unique creation.

This collectible model came to life as an unsuspecting 1987 Jaguar XJS V12 HE, with Lynx taking on the task to morph it into a shooting brake – and then Paolo Gucci delivered some spectacular interior detailing. The latter was the chief designer at Gucci at one time, though controversy with the family led to his demise – and he died in 1995. Showcased during the 990 Geneva Motor Show, the lawyers of the famous brand argued with the designation – but after careful visual and mechanical restoration the Paolo Gucci touch is still clearly visible. Bonhams is envisioning a selling price of up to £90,000, which is actually not that much if you’re a fashionable car fanatic.