Japan’s high tech Tokyo Motor Show has shiny concepts for the ages

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While the country is laden with ancient traditions, Japan is also the place where the future seems closer to reality than in other parts of the world – one great example in that direction being the Tokyo Motor Show. The avant-garde, technology obsessed society that aims to become a “hydrogen” country if Toyota, Honda and the government get away with their plans, showcases its ubiquitous desire to innovate and advance every two years via its prolific automotive industry. And the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show was dominated by autonomous technology and electric drive trains –either battery powered or fuel cell operated. So we decided to see which were the craziest, off the beat, outstanding or technology-obsessed concepts from the current edition – and remember that some of them will remain indeed singular prototypes but others point towards the future of a specific model, brand or even segment. First off, we noticed the Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Tursimo, which could also deliver an early look at the upcoming new generation of the GT-R supercar. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Connected Lunge is the company’s new interpretation of the autonomous future. The Suzuki Air Triser is another rolling lounge with seats that can swivel and huge display screens. The Mazda RX-Vision concept is one to be carefully considered – it’s widely expected to morph into a successor to the appreciated rotary RX sports car series. Subaru Viziv is another concept that will reach production form as the upcoming Forester – also previewing a fuel-saving hybrid powertrain. Mitsubishi is also ready to bring a new generation for a crucial model – the ASX small crossover and the eX concept serves as a timely preview. Lexus has brought the LF-FC concept that serves as a crucial initiation into the styling of the upcoming LS flagship sedan – and the promise for a fuel cell powertrain version.