Jeep and Harley-Davidson unleash Hell’s Revenge on Renegade SUV

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The two brands teamed up to create a unique show car to celebrate a motorcycle event dedicated to all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.

The ‘Hell’s Revenge’ show car, a creation of Garage Italia Customs, has made its debut this week at the Harley-Davidson 25th European H.O.G. Rally in Portoroz, Slovenia, an event that brings together thousands of Harley riders and brand’s fans from around the world. Based on the Renegade SUV, the one-off custom made model wants to be a tribute to all Harley owners and to all bikers who share the same passion. The Hell’s Revenge also represents a further step of the collaboration between Jeep and Garage Italia Customs, which has started last year with two Renegade customized cars made for the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

This year project was covered in four coatings of a matte paint base and fluorescent flames, protected by a special transparent layer, an intense colour scheme that aims to recall the particular airbrushing technique used on motorcycle tanks. The flame theme can also be found inside, thanks to the special painting of the dashboard. The seats, on the other hand, boast Foglizzo Nappa leather and black denim upholstery. Other unique features of the Renegade ‘Hell’s Revenge’ include two LED spotlights on the windscreen, a personalized skid plate, a suspension lift kit and special alloy rims combined with modified BF Goodrich tires.