Jeep plans to introduce more models to keep up its strong sales

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FCA’s brand Jeep announced it had broken its global sales record and wants to continue the positive trend by expanding its range. Jeep had sold 1,013,000 vehicles from the beginning of the year until the end of October, almost as much as it delivered throughout last year, when the brand registered 1,017,000 vehicles sold. The record was broken with almost two months until the end of the year, Mike Manley, head of the Jeep brand, told the Detroit Free Press in an interview. He also revealed Jeep sales have increased by 22 percent globally compared to 2014 and by 24 percent in the US. This good news for the company are coming just in time for Jeep’s 75th anniversary next year. The sales were driven by the high demand on the North American market and by the good reception of the Renegade model. Jeep intends to keep pushing for higher figures with the releases of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV sometime in 2018, a compact crossover to replace the Compass and Patriot in late 2016 and by bringing a Wrangler pickup. “Both Compass and Patriot are very strong names for us,” Manley said. “In international markets Compass is stronger than Patriot. Here in the US Patriot is stronger than Compass. So we’ve got two viable names we could use…but no decision yet.” Even if Wrangler pickup has not been yet officially announced, some news leaked out during UAW contract negotiations. “I am a huge advocate for Wrangler pickup in the lineup,” said Manley, who has wanted one for many years. “It has a historical place in our brand. and we’ve shown we can successfully expand the brand with the Jeep Renegade doing tremendously well.” Via Detroit Free Press