Jeep sales surprisingly leapt last year in Europe

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FCA’s brand Jeep has posted a dizzying 132.2 percent sales boost in Europe last year, in a region where customers are usually quite picky with their car’s choices.

European car buyers have never been particularly drawn towards the Americans brands, considering them to be a little bit too “rough around the edges” for their taste. But it seems that perception has changed lately and Jeep is a proof in this direction. FCA’s brand was the fastest-growing automotive marque recording a 132.2% increase in Europe (EU28 + EFTA), in a year that also saw the best performance ever in terms of volumes for the European market with 88,200 registrations and a 113% increase compared with 2014. In Italy, the top selling country in the region, Jeep set its all-time record with sales almost tripled in comparison with 2014, being the fastest-growing automotive brand in the country. Recording a total of 14,995 new registrations, the brand achieved its best annual result also in Germany, with sales up by almost 42.6% versus a year earlier, while in the UK it sold more cars in one year than in the previously four combined, reporting a growth of 176.1%. Other markets where Jeep posted big gains were France, with an increase of 208.5%, and also Spain, with a 205.4% boost.

As for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the brand sold 117,620 units, with volumes up by 55.7% in comparison with 2014. At product level, the Renegade model was the main driver behind Jeep’s growth in the region, with over 54,800 units sold and accounting for 49.8% of total sales. With 28,159 units delivered, the Grand Cherokee also made an important contribution to the brand’s commercial success, accounting for almost 24% of total sales and being the 2nd best-selling Jeep model in the region.