Karma partners with BMW for electric drive parts

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Karma Automotive intends to launch a new model next year and will cooperate will BMW for battery charging system and some electric-drive technology. Karma Automotive, the Chinese-owned company formerly known as Fisker Automotive, is trying to return into the spotlight after the 2013 bankruptcy announcement. Karma wants to bring back its sport electric luxury model, which the company was known for, and plans to begin selling the new model sometime next year. Therefore, Karma is looking for partnerships to bring some trustworthy technology to its car and announced that it has closed a deal with BMW for the Germans to supply battery charging system and some of its electric-drive components. “The start of a relationship with BMW could lead to other cooperation”, said Karma Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor. “Carmakers buy parts from other carmakers, especially in expensive areas like powertrain technology,” Taylor added. “As we launch the vehicle under the new name Karma, using BMW components will be a big help to the brand.” It is unknown yet what engine the next plug-in hybrid Karma will rely on, but will feature the same drivetrain layout with an electric motor and a gasoline unite as electricity generator. The company has been rescued by Chinese billionaire Lu Guanqiu, whose Wanxiang Group bought bankrupt Fisker Automotive two year ago, after Fisker’s inability to repay the 139-million-dollar loan from the US government.