Kevin Hart and David Beckham... funny little video about Kevin learning to impersonate David, but the Jag grabbed my attention (turns out David is the brand ambassador of Jaguar for China)

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[video3] Jaguar TV ad from China begins with David staring down his vintage Jaguar race car as he waits for the flagman to signal the start. As they did back in the day, drivers would sprint to jump in the cars and speed away as they strapped their goggles on. While the race progresses, Beckham is seen in various iconic Jaguar race cars as he leads the pack of hungry competitors. Each time the cameras pan away from him in the cockpit, he’s driving a little newer vintage Jaguar racer, and then as he slams the shifter into gear, he is suddenly transported onto the twisty roads of a scenic coastline. as always, skip the first minute of the next video:[video7]