Kia says fully autonomous cars are ready by 2030

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Kia promises it will introduce driverless cars by 2030, the first step being the development of semi-autonomous systems and fitting them into its cars in a 5-year term. Kia has joined the automakers that have already announced the development of autonomous technologies. This strategy follows South Korean brand’s plan to invest 10 billion dollars by 2020 building a full lineup of green cars, including electric and a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Kia has committed to spend another 2 billion dollars by 2018 in automated driving technologies, setting a target of introducing first semi-autonomous cars by 2020 and fully self-driving cars by 2030. Tae-Won Lim, Vice President of the Central Advanced Research and Engineering Institute of the Hyundai Group, said that “Fully-autonomous vehicles are still some way off, and a great deal of research and rigorous product testing will need to be carried out to make the self-driving car a reality”. The autonomous systems that Kia is relying on are the Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies. These are able to assist the driver, easing the pressure in congested traffic situations, through computing systems and numerous sensors that are able to detect other vehicles and anticipate the traffic ahead. In the near future, Kia’s cars will benefit from systems like Highway Driving Assist, that will combine Lane Guidance System and Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assist function, a new Smart Parking Assist System, and also a new Remote Advanced Parking Assist System. “Kia is still in the early stages of developing its own technologies, and we are confident that the latest innovations – both partially and fully autonomous – will ultimately make driving safer for everyone”, said Tae-Won Lim. Via wcf